Can I Sue Cps/des For Slander?


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It seems like it is none of their business. I think when in doubt, sue.
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Slander is an extremely difficult legal case to plead before the US courts. You must prove there was malicious intent to damage you personally, and that this information was completely erroneous, with no basis whatsoever. Rarely do cases of slander succeed.

No, of course CPS does not have a right to share information with anyone about you indiscriminately, but if there is any possibility that there was reasonable cause to share information to protect a minor, they may be legally protected to do so. The courts would generally err on the side of a minor. If you have a specific complaint against a caseworker, contact your local office for social services, or your state's licensing board to lodge a complaint. You don't say what state you are from, so I can't help direct you to a very specific site, but if you want to pursue a complaint through your state licensing baord against CPS, you may find resources by going to and doing a search for "department of social services" +" [state name]" (Take out those brackets, use only quotes, and insert your state's name in that second pair of quotes.) I wish you and your family the best.

I disagree with the above answer, only because based on historical cases, you won't have good luck in suing the state, and it will not give you adequate satisfaction (monetarily or otherwise) in all probability. There are civil laws that protect the state from liability in such cases where they can reasonably prove justification for their actions. You will likely be tied up in court for a lengthy period, and are likely not to have success, nor any satisfaction of the case.

Call or better yet, write to CPS. If that doesn't work to your satisfaction, lodge a formal complaint with the licensing board in your state. Put all in writing and keep your documentation. Best of luck.

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