How To Make A Certificate Of Employment?


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If you have a look at this site you will be able to find sample certificates of employment so that you will be able to get some ideas and create your own: You will also be able to find templates so you can adapt and adjust any to suit your own circumstances.

  • What is a certificate of employment

There are different types of certificates of employment. One example is the certificate that is needed by minors should they wish to some paid work. This outlines their personal details and the details of what work it is that they are undertaking including the number of hours involved.

Another example is the certificate of employment that an employer needs to give to an employee if they leave that employment and request a certificate. This is an important document because it can have a direct impact on things such as future employment or social security benefits.

An employee loses the right to request a certificate of employment after ten years have elapsed from the time they left the relevant place of work.

  • Information on this type of certificate of employment

There are two different types of this form of certificate. The first is brief and to the point and simply holds details such as the names of the people concerned: Both employer and employee; their titles; the date and their signatures.

This form briefly gives the length of the employment and the type of work that was carried out.

An employee has the right to request a more detailed certificate of employment, and in this instance the certificate will give the reason why the employment ended and some details that are pertinent to that particular employee, such as what kind of worker they were.

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