What Happens When There Is A Breach Of Contract?


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A contract can come to and end in a number of ways; Frustration, rescission and breach are to name a few and breach of contract is one way I will be discussing. The consequences of breach of contract depend on the nature of breach. No matter what the breach is the contract never automatically comes to an end. If there has been a breach of a very important term of contract then the party is given the option to bring the contract to an end.

Moreover recent if the party does not want to terminate the contract he can always sue for damages. If the term of the contract is not important then the party only has the option to claim damages. If the party chooses to end the contract there will be no future obligations. The contract will have no future but parties are still entitled to fulfil their past obligations. If party does not terminate e contract she will is bound to her obligations. But after affirming the contract she cannot later decide to terminate for the breach before the performance is due.

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