How Long Does It Take To Get Your California ID Card? And Do You Have To Pay? If So How Much?


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It should take approximately 60 days for you to receive your California ID card.

  • How to obtain a California ID card?
In order to receive an ID card in the state of California you will have to go through a number of processes. The first thing you need to do is contact the DMV office that is local to your area to book an appointment. You could attempt to walk straight in to see someone but the offices are likely to be very busy so it would make sense to book an appointment. Plus, this way you see the correct person for this specific request.

  • Filling out an application form
Once you have gone into the office you will be requested to fill out either the Identification Card Application DL 44 or you will have to fill out the Driver License form. In order to have the application processed correctly you will have to sign the form and the employee must enter a specific bar code. In addition, you should ensure that you have a photograph of yourself for the card and you provide a thumbprint.

  • What you need
You will be required to inform them of your social security number otherwise you will not receive the ID card. However, if you are a United States citizen but you are not valid for a social security number then you will have to prove that you are living in a legal residency and have proof of birth. Ensure you take a birth certificate or passport.

  • The Fee
You will be requested to pay up to $26 for a new ID card. This fee is the same if you are renewing it also. In some cases you can get an identification card for $7 and for senior citizens the card is free.
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It takes anywhere from a week to 30 days, $23, Mailed out to you

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