What's The Best HBCU For Law?


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There are five HBCU law schools, Howard University, Southern University, Texas Southern University (Thurgood Marshall), University of District of Columbia and North Carolina Central University. HBCU law schools have successfully educated African American attorneys for several centuries and they continued to uphold this legacy into 2009. 

Several law firms specifically target diverse law schools for minority candidates, which often Increases your likelihood of landing a great internship/job placement.

Here is a breakdown of the most updated Bar Passage rates for the HBCU Law schools on the LSAC website.

1.  NCCU Law 82per cent

2.  Southern Law 63per cent

3.  Howard Law 62per cent 

4.  Texas Southern Law 56per cent

5.  FAMU Law 55per cent
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North Carolina Central has one of the best law schools in the southeast. It compares favorably with neighboring Duke and UNC.

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