How Can We Stop Crime?


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Until we all start loving each other and getting along fully with each other crime will never stop
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Not exactly a four-option-question, but I'll do my best.

Crime is an implication of law. As in, before the law, there would be no crimes, only actions and reaction, it's when the man decided upon on consensus agreement that some actions are just plain wrong, and much of the wrong is allowed to those who deal with the wrong doers. For example, murder is not allowed to any person at all, but in some countries murder is the punishment for some of the wrong doers, in the form of execution. Poisoning and electrification are popular methods.

If you look at a crime as both an action that is defined and the formal as-if-socially-approved reaction of the law, the most logical way to stop crime is to defuse law and the power behind it - the public and the consensus about what the public feels and thinks about certain matters.

But if are like most people are, and you want not only the security that the law promises, but also the absolute actualization of the security as well, then do not worry, top level hi-tech is working on that as you read, soon we'll have the technology to identify a potential wrong doer without him even planing any specific wrong doing.

Nanotechnology will alter the way we think and the way our mind behaves with chemicals balancing it throughout our lives and eliminating the very possibility of the wrong thinking. Everything will be just find once we find whatever it is that makes us violent. Holywood's idealization of violence in all its aspects will stay as it is though, nobody has any problem with staged criminal acts.

But if that day wouldn't come, we'll have to keep on fighting them, killing them if necessary.

For more deepening to the subject of violence and reason I suggest you watch Clockwork Orange.

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