What Are The Defining Characteristics Of A 1960's House?


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I would think that the homes would depending on where in the world you're looking for homes that come from this era. In general, I think there was a certain fashion for using brick, but there will always be exceptions. As  what the other poster has said, it does depend on a lot on the socio-economic factors that govern over the area you're looking at at that point of time too.

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Designs were now becoming similar all over the country with regional variations disappearing. This came from better transport links around the country and private developers merging to create national firms.

Sixties suburban housing is was driven by growing house ownership and is characterised by large panes of glass used in 'picture windows', sometimes with the area beneath the ground floor windows glazed or filled with a coloured panel. There might be large windows at the back and doors leading to the garden from a dining room or living room as well as the kitchen. This was all made possible by the development of the float glass making process which made it easier and cheaper to construct large panes of glass with acceptable quality.

Sixties' houses were often detached or semi-detached, although terraces continued to be built. As car ownership was also on the increase, the semi's and detached houses would also have garages and drives, features that had first begun to appear in the Thirties. Central heating and inside bathrooms and toilets were also incorporated.

The other big trend of the Sixties was the emergence of high-rise tower blocks, in large towns and cities. They were and often 'brutalist' in design, with large concrete surfaces as decoration in addition to being structural.

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