1. Which Option (front-end Solutions, Double Bunking, Or Back-end Solutions) Do You Feel Is The Most Effective In Our Correctional System?


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This is a complex question with no easy answer; whether a front-end, double bunking or back end solution will work best often depends on the personal histories and personalities of the people who are being incarcerated. In general, human beings do need close personal contact and socialization with others; however, when the wrong personalities are forced to live together in double bunking situation, it may create antagonism. Every type of bunking solution will therefore have its pros and cons. Looking at the history of a correctional facility can be very practical. When considering bunking arrangements in the correctional system, you should analyze:

• which type of inmates it holds (minimum or maximum security)
• whether or not prisoners have expressed opinions about which type of bunking they prefer
• other important variables, such as budgets and current supply stores

Choosing The Right Bunking Arrangement Can Impact Safety

Convicts must have enough freedom to feel human and valued, without being given "too much rope". Setting up the right bunking configurations can contribute to the right mixture of correctional discipline and basic humanity. In some foreign jails, inmates must live in terrible conditions, where they are forced to sleep on concrete floors with many other people (in one tiny cell). Often, these inmates develop serious mental health problems that make rehabilitation far more difficult, if not impossible. The wrong bunking arrangements at a correctional facility can actually be dangerous, as they will provoke instances of violence that threaten both inmates and correctional institution staff. Therefore, doing your research, examining the history of a correctional facility, and then setting up the right bunking strategy is very important.

Many studies have been performed that detail beneficial setups of cells or group rooms in correctional facilities; these may range from halfway houses to maximum security jails, such as SuperMax facilities. Reading and learning more about bunking arrangements will give you the perspective you need to make the right decision.

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