How Do You Find Someone's Date Of Birth?


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When an infant is born, the time and date is recorded in the register of the hospital. And then, the records are sent to the concerned government department and census, from here they are given their birth certificate. You can try finding out a person's date of birth in the local government office, where they keep records of the people born.

If you think this method cannot help you. Then you should try checking with credit header records. You can try credit headers like, Accurint, Autotrack or Lexis, etc. Online Verification also provides information or date of birth of a person. The best way to search for a birth date is by search engines or websites. You can log on to search engines like yahoo or Google. And enter the key words like "Date of Birth" or "Birth Dates". It is obvious that they will provide you some websites that will help you with the issue. You can try searching on or Birth
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The easiest way is actually just to ask them. If you want to be discreet or even just surprise them, then it may be worth asking their friends or family.

If you want to know the birthday of a famous person
just google it and you should easily find it.

If the person has died then it is worth looking at historical records which may be able to give you their birth date. These are usually used by people tracing their family trees.
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Just ask them when they were born "}

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