How To Apply For A3 Planning?


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If you are deciding to open a restaurant in the UK, you need to comply with the A3 planning requirements.  In fact the Class A3, according to the Town and Country Planning (amendment) Order 2005, relates to restaurants and cafés. It is important to check with the Development Control Section (the agency that is associated with planning and ancillary applications) that the premises in which you want to conduct your restaurant business do not have any clauses which prohibit you from operating the business the way you want to.

The A3 planning application is to be used if the building that you wish to operate your business is not granted a planning permission. You can apply for the planning permission either online or through mail. When you apply for A3 planning, you may have to consider if your restaurant and café can cause annoyance to local people. You should also find out if you run into problems when your restaurant has issues with take-away services.  

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