How Exactly Did The Mafia Start Its First Operation?


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Had to have illuminati involved crooked banks,Rockefeller needed there help so did mob both into prostitution and drugs.
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A popular word in the contemporary dictionary, a Mafia is a criminal society that started in Sicily. This took place when a large number of landowners trusted the roguish 'security men' with their estates during the problems and ordeals that were the consequences of Napoleon's invasion of Italy. These 'security guards' were no less either as they terrorized and oppressed the peasantry and eventually dropped the bomb of their 'security strategies' on the landowners.

Their savage practices continued where only personal emolument mattered, while principles of morality and respect of law were never to be followed. This enabled the Mafia to become even more powerful not just in the country but also in the town areas. Their power was so potent that even the government could not control them.

This trend followed by the European emigration in the United States, where another Mafia came into being during the last century with the same principles of vengeance and vendetta, infiltration of society, coercion, corruption and protection rackets. Till this date, the Mafia continues to thrive in nearly the entire world, despite of the strict execution of laws and legislations.

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