I'm Selling My House But Had Problems With The Neighbours. Do I Declare This?


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When selling a house you may well - as is the case in England - be asked to complete a form of standard questions which will include questions about disputes with neighbours.  It is advisable to be honest about such disputes at this stage since a buyer can sue a seller who doesn't disclose a dispute they have had with a neighbour.      This doesn't only apply to problems that would be of obvious, immediate concern to someone buying your property i.e. Boundary disputes.  Your dispute may have nothing directly to do with the land you're selling - perhaps your neighbour assaulted you or played loud music all hours - but it may still be classed as a neighbour dispute and therefore should be declared to your prospective buyer.  If you are unsure as to whether your problem could be classed a neighbour dispute - and obviously you would rather not mention it if that is not the case - you can take advice on this from the solicitor handling your house sale or your local citizens advice organisation.  

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