What Does Concurrent Means In Sentencing?


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It means the time is done together. For example, if there were two charges and convictions. The first conviction carries a sentence of 6 months in jail and the second is 12 months. You would only stay in jail for 12 months instead of 18 months. Your doing time for both at the same time.
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It means that you are serving both sentences at the same time. Consecutive sentencing is when you serve one right after another. You ultimately serve less time with a concurrent sentence than you would with a consecutive sentence, assuming that all else is the same.
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That the sentences that can be served at the same time than sequentially.
Two convictions for 5years each carried out concurrently equal 5 years.
Two convictions for 5years each carried out sequentially equal 10 years.
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If two things are happening concurrently they are both happening at the same time. So sometimes in the criminal justice system, an offender is given two separate sentences but allowed to serve them concurrently - ie at the same time - so that effectively s/he is only serving one sentence.

Speakers of other European languages such as French and German often confuse the meaning of 'concurrent' with 'competitive' because that is the meaning of the word in several other languages.
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Something done together.
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The word concurrent means something that is happening or taking place at the same time as something else. It may also be acting or operating in conjunction with another. It is also used in geometry when things are meeting at the same point. Concurrent may also imply at times or may be used to suggest the concept of "being in accordance with".

Concurrent comes from the Middle English and can be further traced to the Latin word "concurrens" which means something like "to coincide".

Synonyms of the word include simultaneous, coinciding, coincidental, coincident, synchronal, coincident etc.

Synchronous swimming is even an Olympic event where a team performs synchronised moves in a swimming pool. Another synchronised event that is judged for perfection is synchronised skating. Most air shows involve daredevil pilots flying their planes and performing synchronised maneuvers or feats.
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It means "occurring or operating at the same time".
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