What Consequences Does Perjury Involve?


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Perjury refers to the act of giving or providing wilful or deliberate testimony that is false. It is the conscious breaking of ones word or promise. In a court of law a person's testimony is relied on by the court to pass judgement and as fact in relation to a case. A person is generally required to place his or her right hand on the Bible or other relevant holy book to swear that the statements being made are true. In some countries like the United States the person is required to raise their right hand and affirm this. Now if a person makes an untrue statement he has in fact jeopardised the ruling of the court and usurped the courts right to met out justice. It is considered by the Court as a very serious offence which can end up landing a person a prison term. In the United States this can be for as long as five years, if proven.

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