How Do I Beat A Lie-detector Machine?


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A lie-detector or polygraph as it is correctly termed is a piece of equivalent that, rather than detecting lies as such, measures various physiological functions of the body, such as skin conductivity, heart rate, pulse and breathing.

The machine does not know if you are lying or not. Instead the polygraph's operator is aware that when telling lies to direct questions, the body may make certain tell tale signs or tells as they are often known. These include sweating, breathing change, quickening of pulse and heart rate.

Now the way to beat the polygraph is to remember that the machine and its operator do not know whether you are telling the truth or not, it only records your bodily functions.

For this reason, beating the machine means beating yourself. The test will ways start with a few sample questions, answer these as honestly as you can.

Then, and this is ridiculously simple, ask yourself a simple question in your head and focus on that:

POLYGRAPH OP: Did you steal from Ventro Jewellers?
IN HEAD QUESTION: Are you gay?

Don't listen to their question, listen to your own and answer honestly.

You can practice your questions even before you go in, have fifteen or so questions, some requiring a YES answer and some requiring a NO answer.

The worst that can happen is an indefinite reading which means that you were affected and under pressure taking the test. This also does not make you guilty. Good Luck
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For me I don't believe lie-detector to know the lier person..
Bec. Lie-detector is astrument to know the bloos pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin resistance...
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Check out my webpage here, it'll show you how to beat a lie detector:

The whole idea of a "lie detector" is a big rouse.

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