What Are The Different Types Of Marriage Contract, And How Do I Get Hold Of Such Contracts?


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I am not certain, if you mean a pre-nuptial agreement or a contract a couple signs at the time of their marriage. So, I will give you information for each. The words pre-nuptial and pre-marital have the same meaning, in the information on many of the sites I previewed. The term marriage contract is used on some sites and the forms are very similar to the pre-marital forms. You will recognize the forms you want when you see them I am sure.    

equalityinmarriage.org  is one of the websites, which contains a lot about marriage, prenuptial agreements and marraige contracts. Listed among the topics in the Navigation bar to the left is a Commitment Conversation Guidebook. This book is a good place to begin when a couple is considering marriage. It is a guide to aid a couple in clarifying expectations and determining, if both parties are "on the page" in what each wants from marriage. You can make copies of this booklet and it will help you in deciding the type of contract you may want.

www.uslegalforms.com is another informative site. In the beige section near the bottom of the page, you will find listed Premarital Agreements, click on this and you will be taken to a page, which lists all the states, click on your state, to get the information you will need for any contract in relation to marriage. Click on the "blue links" on this page to see the types of information you need and samples of forms.

This site also offers a packet, you can download and make copies or if you prefer you can order a copy. It is cheaper to download a copy. I suggest downloading to a floppy disc or CD, if you have a CD burner on your computer.  You will be able to preview a sample pages before purchasing. Your can do something like this yourself, and have it notarised rather than paying exorbitant attorney fees, for the same type document. The site contains invaluable information for single, married and engaged adults. You can also get information and forms for Wills, Living wills, Power of Attorney and Medical Representative forms. All important documents for married couples.

If, you want more information just type (Marriage contracts) into your search bar, click and a lot of websites will be listed for your review.
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I am man fro egypt want marry woman from south america I am muslim and she is christian how can we make contract safe for her rights on me ?

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