How Much Is The Estimated Cost Of An Annulment Here In The Philippines And It's Timeline?


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The cost of an annulment in the Philippines, appears exorbitant however, in American dollars, it does not seem so costly. The usual total cost(operational cost and attorney's fees) ranges from P75,000.00-P100,000.00. In American dollars this would be $1,400.00-$1,785.00. This applies to simple cases, in which both spouses are in the Philippines with no complications, and both parties are in agreement. This type of annulment would take, only a few months.

Dependent upon the complexity of the case, and how much work an attorney is required to do, the annulment can extend over a period of years and cost from P100,000.00-300,000.00 and more. According to the website where I found information, the cost will normally run more in Manila than elsewhere.

The information I found is written by Magdalena Lepiten, Attorney in Cebu City, who handles all types of family law cases. She also practices law in other areas such as civil law.

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I'm us citizen I'm been married here in the phil almost 20yrs and get divorce in us I can get marry again here in the phil???
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Dear Atty,

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Hope you are in good health. I need your advice and hope you can help me.I just want to know how much is the total cost or estimated fee in applying for recognition of the foreign divorce decree? How long doesit take? Can I ask also what are the steps and requirements?

Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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