What Property Determines The Sequence Of The Earth's Layers?


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After doing a lot of reading, it appears the consensus of opinion is the property, which determines the sequence of the earth's layers is density. When we speak of the earth's core we think of something hard and solid with high density. It takes a lot of pressure to crack elements with high density. Thus, the reason a volcano rumbling under the earth may take years to burst through the layers of the earth to surface ground. The middle of the earth is of medium density and the earth's crust is of low density. The heaviest layers are in the center, lightest layers are at the surface and medium layers are between the core and the surface layers.

Another property of the earth, which could also determine the sequence of the earth's layers is flexibility. The earth moves vertically and horizontally causing stress and pressure from within this is related to the earth's magnetic field. Without the give and take between the layers of the earth, the earth's formation would be very different. The action of seismic waves would be effected and mountains would be upside down. If, the top layer of the earth was the most dense and middle layer was a little less dense and the lower layer had even less density what would the world look like?
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