What Do You Need In Order To Get Married In Phoenix, Arizona?


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A marriage license. This requires
* Going to the Clerk of the County Superior Court.
* Both the intended bride and groom to be present. One male, one female (same-sex marriages not done in AZ).
* $50 (most forms of payment accepted).
* Proof of age if either intended marrying person looks under 18.
* Various forms of parental authorisation if either would-be marrying person is age 16-17. Best to just bring the consenting parent(s) with you.
* Court permission for people under age 16.
* Court permission if first cousins under the age of 65 want to get married.
* An affidavit that the couple have undergone extra marriage counselling if they are applying for a covenant marriage.

No blood test required; marriage license is issued same day and valid for one year.

Somebody with the legal authority to conduct the ceremony. Possibilities include:

Member of the clergy,
Judge in local or state courts,
Clerk of the circuit court,
Clerk or clerk-treasurer of a city or town
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First and foremost to get married in Phoenix, Arizona you would need a marriage license which is the official document that allows you to marry in that state. The laws for applying for this license is different in every state hence check it up with the local authorities. It would also require some other documents like proof of identification and age as well as a nominal fee. The people getting married are also required to bring their own witnesses while getting married in Phoenix, Arizona.

The bride also should know the name she is going to assume after her marriage and write down that name on the application. A clergyman or a justice of the peace is also required to make the marriage legal and official. Apart from these things both of the bride and the groom have to be above 18 or have a special notarized consent from their parents or legal guardians.
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You can get married immediately after you obtain your marriage license - you can walk out of the office and into a Justice of the Peace's office and be married right then and there.
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After you get your license how long do you have to wait to get married?
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