What Do I Do About Neighbors Who Play Loud Music Late At Night In The Bedroom Above Mine?


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You talk to them in a respectful manner,explaining the annoyance and if they would be willing to work with you on this issue.If they don't, depending on your desire to continue living there, inform the manager of the situation,maybe their intervention could help if asked to do so.If that don't work ,next would be your peace officers And if all this fails.Move.
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What about the people who like to listen to music at the end of a hard day? No one ever champions the rights of the other side. I have never asked anyone to turn their music down and I am very considerate of others but there comes a time when I really have to draw the line sometimes. There are days where I don't feel like putting my headphones on and its not my fault my neighbor doesn't have padding on his hardwood floors!

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