Where's The Best Place To Live In Ottawa With A Reasonable Rental Amount Of Not More Than $850?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
There are numerous places to live in Ottawa for the rent amount that you have mentioned. If you are a bachelor then the rent for the apartment starts from $525 to $795 and for one bedroom apartment the rental ranges from $495-$1450. If you are going for two bedroom apartments the rental range is $530-1600.
Under the rent of $850, you have variety of choices and we can mention a few of the apartments. One you can get at the rent of $625 per month and the address is 50, Selkirk Street, Ottawa.   
You have so many other choices also and to know more about them you can visit some websites that are considered as reliable to provide the service of renting an apartment. We can provide you the name of one of them and the name is The website provides information about the apartments and you can visit it to see it yourself.
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You can check out on internet..According to your needs which apartment you require, single bedroom or more than one.which amenities do you require to live in the apartment/. You can view many  options online and then go for that..

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