Today is the 7th anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death. Do you feel sorry for the poor kid, since he lost his life so soon? How do you think his family is doing, 7 years later?


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No child should have to die! No matter if they were black, white, mexican, asian, chinese, japanese, Indian, purple, blue, one armed, 3 eyed! It don't matter. I think you "anonymous" is just trying to stir up trouble. AND how the HELL you think his family is doing! They lost a kid! Why don't YOU get lost troll!

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I'm so sorry! I did not mean to come across as a troll. I just feel bad for him because he lost his life, and I hope is family is doing well, because what they went though is unimaginable!
Yin And Yang
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Sam, that is honorable. And nice of you. I thought you were trying to make it a racial thing. I believe you would have a heart for all families who lose a child. I am sorry for jumping the gun. 😊
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I am from near where he was killed. While I do believe in the stand your ground law in the idea you have a right to defend yourself,  I believe it was twisted in this case. I believe there should be an amendment stating you cannot provoke an incident and then use deadly force. Zimmerman should not be walking free. His behavior since this happened has proven he is not a stable human being and he should not allowed to own a gun.

Trayvon Martin's death was needless. I feel awful for his parents. They were first robbed of their son, and then of justice. 

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Yes i feel sorry for the kid , he had his whole life ahead of him, I think family members never forget what went on that day there was no signs it just happened.

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