If immigration denied someone their green card, can they still apply for a work permit?


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According to what I read they have to have a non- immigrant visa.  Go to google and type in your question.

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A green card is for someone who has been approved to become a permanent resident. A work visa is for temporary residency. He/she would need to reapply for another work visa before it expires to stay.


Maybe you don't understand my question..the per was submitted his paperwork to immigration, and he received his work permit, but it will expired in 4 months time..they also denied him his green card, and he wants to know if the spite that he got denied if they will still send him him a work permit if he apply for it.?

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Toni Pauze
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I don't know! Can he not ask the immigration officials these questions? I'm sorry
Walt O'Reagun
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Trace - You stated that he received his work permit.
They are two separate forms.
You can get one, but be denied the other.
Which is what, apparently, happened here.
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