Can cops choke suspect and refuse to show their badges?


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Me and my friend were stopped in a park by a young couple. They said that they had to pat us down, but they didnt look like cops and didnt show us their badges so we decided to run away. A guy started chasing my friend while I was being chased by a girl. I realized that she was in a good shape and I wouldnt lose her, so I stopped and said I gave up. Then she kicked me in the stomach. I still wasn't sure that she was a real cop, so I attacked her really aggressively. We were scuffling for a while, she was kicking me strongly so I decided to punch her. When I was trying to punch her again she caught my arm and threw me to the ground. When I was bewildered, she lay down behind my back, caught me in the chokehold and squeezed her legs around my stomach and legs and I wasnt able to escape. I almost lost consciousness in that position. Next she loosened her hold and caught my right hand that I had arm between her legs. I felt incredible elbow pain when she was lifting up her stomach a few times. From that position she started to cuffing me. Only then she showed me her badge, frisked me and marched to their car. She said they thought we were taking drugs. It turned out that we were clean of course and the cops decided to let us go, but she whispered to me that if I would try to trick her again she would hurt me seriously. Im happy that they didnt arrest me, but an undecover cop can behave like this? Can they use so painful techniques? I still feel pain when Im moving my right elbow.

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They can not

You all need to learn

What the constitution means and your rights

If you knew - you wouldn't ask this question-

Study up and learn to educate yourself on your rights assuming your an American

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