What Kind Of A Work Does A Receptionist Do In A Law Firm?


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Normally, a Receptionist is a person whose role is to
meet and greet customers, clients, etc. in a place of business. In some offices, such as a law firm you will
given a variety of duties or tasks and these can change
at times based on the needs of the firm.

For instance a receptionist's responsibilities may include:
answering the telephone, sorting and delivering mail to
others, typing letters, running errands such as delivering
documents to a court house or elsewhere are examples
of duties attached to this position.

Usually, a written job description will be provided to anyone
applying for this and similar positions. Someone applying
for this type position, would usually be friendly, out-going, hospitable, caring, respectful, honest, and discreet as they deal with bosses, callers, visitors and fellow employees.

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Usually, a person for reception is not given particularly difficult tasks, since his tasks are extremely simple and similar to a hostess or a security guard. For example, I worked as an administrator of a photo studio and, for example, I was often forced to do work with pdf. Thanks to the site I could do it faster.

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I have to write a day to day job duties for a law firm receptionist. This is a new law firm and do not no where to start

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