How would you counter someone who thinks trials are unnecessary if there is, and I quote, "more than enough proof"?


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At least in the country I live in, there is something called "Due Process", whereby defendents have the right to legal counsel, to face their accusers and be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of it goes in theory.

I can't speak to the practices of other legal systems.

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Guilty vs innocent is a moral judgment.

Guilty vs not-guilty is a legal judgment.

In the criminal justice system in the USA, there is a process in which a professional (district attorney or the equivalent) determines whether to "press charges" (seek an indictment) based in part on the absence or presence of criminal intent underlying the action of the "perpetrator" of an action which would normally be a crime.

"More than enough proof" is a an opinion, and has no probitive (stands on its own unless contradicted) weight in a criminal proceeding.

One of the current presidential candidates has suggested that "justice" be administered by ballot box rather than by the legal system.

A not so subtle way to eliminate the "rule of law" as either a principle or a way of life for Americans.

....thus paving the way for dictatorship.

Terror, Repression and Diaspora: The Baby Doc Legacy in Haiti.

Potential rewrite:

Terror, Repression and Diaspora: Trump legacy in America

Amusing(?) image---many flee (diaspora) to Canada, and Mexico builds border wall to stop illegal immigration from America.

Perhaps this is what Donald was thinking when he suggested that he could get Mexico to pay for that wall.

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