What health issues are faced before the child birth?


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Health issues.... Mom's weight, under or overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, not eating properly, no or not enough adequate prenatal care, depression.

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Your question is too vague so it's unclear what information you are looking for.

Are you talking about the child's health issues or the mother's?

For the mother's health issues, it would depend on how her health was before the pregnancy. However, some women experience other complications as a result of being pregnant, such as gestational diabetes, etc.

The child in the womb could experience their own health issues which can be caught on an ultrasound or other tests, as warranted by their doctor.

As each pregnancy is different, each child is different, each woman is different, it's impossible to give you a blank statement that applies in every situation.

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Danea issues related could be before and during pregnancy, before the child birth. Your information was helpful, we are planning for our first baby. Just want the idea how to deal with it?
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You deal with it by talking to your OB-GYN about your concerns. He/she has your medical history - we do not. So, if you are planning for your first child, you should make an appt with your OB-GYN and talk about your concerns, your medical history, etc. and get their input.
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I have no idea what exactly you are asking.  You might want to rephrase your question.

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