with dissociation disorder is it normal to be more reckless, searching for danger or adrenaline eg. driving extremely fast and reckless?


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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Dana Diotalevi,

Your Q is a topic I am interested, although please know I'm not a professional...and a quick Internet search did not turn up the behaviors you describe.

However through just life experience I don't think you should rule that out...recklessness and danger-seeking as manifestations of dissociation disorder. We are each so beautifully unique, and so are our responses to trauma.

My understanding of dissociation disorder is a way to just absent oneself from a situation that is intolerable...my godchild would do it by humming and thrashing, she was only eight years old.

* * *

I did see on the Internet that dissociation is one of the easier disorders to treat, so if you or someone close to you, I wish the very very best, may the recovery proceed well.


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