Why do bullied kids shoot up school's? And why do people hate them more then the people who bullied them? Why are bullies not blamed for causing it?


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1. Kids have not been taught appropriate ways to handle anger and frustration. So when they get super frustrated and see no way out, they will sometimes deadly action to stop their pain.

2. People that have been bullied have probably tried to bring the situation to someone's attention and have been blamed for being a target. Johnny, if you would only stand up for yourself, Billy wouldn't hit you in the stomach every day.

3. The schools need to step up and take the parents being unhappy when they punish the child doing the bullying. Give schools back the power to appropriate punish the offender not the victim.

4. When social media is involved and a suicide results because they have been told to just off themselves, the ones doing the bullying and encouraging the person to take their own life needs to go to jail.

5. Bullies mostly get a pass because no one wants to hear the backlash when they get punished. Parents don't want to hear that their child is a bully so they definitely don't want them to be punished.

I'm pretty sure there are schools that are doing it right when it comes to bullying. There needs to be more media coverage on that so we can get everyone on the same page and holding people accountable. 

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Jake Plaid
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What if you're so weak that you get beat up when you cant fight back or stand up for yourself. What if the teachers didn't do anything to stop the bullying and the parents didn't do anything.
What should the victim do?
Virginia Lou
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Dear Jake Plaid,
Is there a school counselor you can go to?
Jake Plaid
Jake Plaid commented
Well yeah but im not being bullied I was just wondering about things on my mind

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