If the police came to search your home, (for whatever reason(s) would they find any illegal items?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not at all as I have a Medical marijuana card and it's not illegal for me to have it. Other than that? They could waste their time looking all day as I have nothing illegal.

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Yes. My roommate has quite a bit of weed on him at the moment. I have nothing illegal in my possession right now, but that's not always true...

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I have a few counterfeit bills but I don't think the cops would recognize it as such. It's very well done.

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I don't really have a home right now! Months ago moved to CA to pursue my career, living in a Motel room and everything there is their property which all are clean! And my packages are just traveling equipment and some living stuff! Nothing illegal!

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