Public Defender, good or bad? Would you want one?


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I'm dead as poop x2 becuase I'm also black.

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otis campbell
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Yes zack their is discrimination in the court system. I suggest u vote and complain to state and federal law makers eventually it will change
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I don't get the bad wrap on public defenders. I know for a fact that getting a PD job is pretty competitive at least in major parts of the country. It's not a fallback for shitty graduates. It also takes a certain mentality knowing that you're going to be representing murders, rapists, and people who are more than likely guilty. A lot of lawyers wouldn't want anything to do with that. Long days, low pay, and none of the glamour of being a lawyer yet these people are willing to do it.

Or people could always represent themselves. There are things called libraries.

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Well i have been thrue the justice system here in tx explain to me how my ex wife say i assaulted her no police report no medical records just go to the d.a.s office and file and im arrested
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Texas justice system. Anyway, how does that have anything to do with public defenders representing you in court? You weren't even in court yet.
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Public defenders are a joke.  They would throw their mother out of a train.  You better have a atty

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In the state of Wisconsin, they have a statute that you can request the courts to assign you an attorney at a super reduced rate. They then assign you one from around the area, and not a public defender. If you cannot afford even the reduced rate they then assign you a PD.
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No way would tx have that

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