Divorce people, would you have been happier, if you had gone to the court house to get 👫married💑?


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My first disastrous marriage was a big fancy Italian wedding with 400 guests.

My second marriage, which was the greatest, was in the judges chambers on our lunch hour.

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I don't think so ! In the end, it was the booze that did it for me. If they would have made her pledge to never be an alcoholic, things might have been different.

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A child was the cause of my divorce. If anything, I should have been wearing a condom. Don't get me wrong. I do love my son, but the thing is that my ex-wife was the one who took him from me and is out there somewhere.

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I'm guessing you might be asking if the marriage would have lasted longer if the money that was spent on the wedding wasn't an issue.....? Going to the courthouse is an inexpensive way to get married, but I'm not sure how that would play into a divorce. My marriage was done at home - people brought food for the reception - my church donated chairs - nothing too fancy. But in less than five years the marriage fell apart due to the death of a son.

I guess instead of using the money for the wedding, you could use it on something else - maybe a honeymoon or a house. Hard to say. Interesting question, though, Jan.

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Me too
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Two of my kids had expensive weddings. Another, a churchgoer, had his catered for by the church. It cost very little and was by far the happiest, friendliest of the three. We were very happy to make a donation to the church.
(The fourth didn't cost us a penny. He eloped and they got married hundreds of feet up in a hot air balloon.) Of the four, his was the only one that ended badly.
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