Does your toilet paper have to be over the roller or under? Or you don't care?


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It's gotta go over and in the front. Those that that go behind are rebels.

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Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Jaimie, you're SUCH a rebel.
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Nope ! Nopity nope nope , I just right cos I said so .. Please fix your TP . Your cooperation is greatly aprectiated in this matter.
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
You're in the TP minority Jaimie. There's a special place in hell for you and the others.
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Jaimie JT answered

Under !!! Over is so very disturbing to me :/ it's freakin anararchy . ,,  and yes I'm that person at dinner parties who WILL fix your TP if it's "wrong"  , I have a touch of OCD but I'm aight with that :p  I'm working on that though , note the quotation marks on wrong , I'm getting so much better !! :) lol ;) it's only Friday afternoon ;) I can see I'm gonna go off side this evening :) yay me ! Ramble ramble :)

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I was a kid during WWII. There was rationing. Toilet paper would have been a luxury. We tore up old newspapers, spike a hole in them, fed a loop of string through them, and hung them on a nail in the lavatory wall.  Yeah, yeah, I know, but it got the job done.

So, Otis, my friend, I don't really care which way the paper hangs.

However, even given my underprivileged introduction to toilet paper, I've never yet achieved the nonchalance of the man in this next story.

Guy is sitting in a public lavatory, hears a knock on the wall.
"Whaddaya want?"
"You got any toilet paper in there?"
"Nah. There's none here."
"Newspaper? Magazine? Wrapping paper? Anything at all?"
"Nah. Got nothin'."
Silence for about half a minute then theres another bang on the wall.
"Whazzup now?"
"You got change of twenty bucks?"
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Lard Ass answered

Gotta have mine over.....and I'm with Jaimie....I'll fix yours if it's wrong!

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Danae Hitch answered

I'm one of those rare people that don't care. If someone took the time and effort to replace the roll instead of leaving it for me to do, then I'm doing a happy dance for them. If I'm going to nitpick on which way it "should" go, who do you think will win that fight? I'm definitely not going there!

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otis campbell
otis campbell commented
Lol my late mother use to
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Lol :) I have a compulsion to go there :p
Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
I do prefer it over, however, I'm blessed with people that use the bathroom and change the roll, so I am not going to complain it wasn't done "my way".
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

It definitely has to be over. It's far easier to reach and find when placed in the over position. After a situation requiring toilet paper, I want to be able to find the loose end instead searching the underside of the roll.

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PJ Stein answered

Over, the way it was designed to be.

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Charles Davis answered

When I received my TPMD, from the prestigious Patriot University of Colorado Springs the same university that Kent Hovind got his degree.  I was instructed that the correct way to install a new roll of TP was with the next piece to be facing the FRONT of the roll, so it made it simple to find the next piece. Otherwise you have to search the back side of the roll all the way to the top to find the tail piece. Installed with the next piece in the from from the top down it's easy to find because the next piece is hanging right there in the front.

However if you know who Kent Hovind is and what he is famous for, you'll see how valuable my degree is.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I usually just leave the roll sitting on the edge of the bath tub till I feel like putting it on the roller. Otherwise, I just keep a stack of those J.W. pamphlets in a pile in the outhouse !

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