Good morning everyone. Ethen Couch and his mommy got busted in Mexico. Yes the DUI driver who killed four people and claimed affluenza or too rich to know better. Well what should the justice do with him?


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He deliberately murder 4 peopke and deliberated injured 9 people. 

Google him. He and his parents are menaces to society ;(

His parents both have long histories of bad behaviors.  

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... Stick 'em both in a MEXICAN prison.

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It seems that the word justice has lost it's meaning. Things are going just as the bible said it would at 2Tim 3:13 ...wicked men will advance from bad to worse. Man is failing miserably at governing himself. The order that we need will only come when it has been proven beyond any doubt that man can not have success ignoring their creator. The bible also says at Jer 10:23 does not belong to man who is walking to direct his own steps.

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Another update: He and his mother are fighting extradition to the United States. Have you seen his new photo? His mom made him color his golden blond locks black so he wouldn't be easy to spot. Ha. What did them in, you ask? Domino's pizza order. Karma, baby.

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