Should "Polygamy" be legalised?


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Ally Gh answered

Of course not. It is a gross thing to do. It is legal in my country but no one does it. People look at people with multiple wives as animals and no one really respect them. Of course the first wife has to agree which it makes it almost impossible:-D It is legal however. People have never accepted it

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Didge Doo answered

Only if you're also prepared to legalise polyandry.

Personally I don't want to go there. Multiple wives = multiple mothers-in-law.

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Hanery Kroze answered

Polygamy is illegal or not is going be given to you based on the country where you are living. A married man should not allow to get married again. If, due to some reasons second marriage is required, then the permission of first wife is must.

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Mary Haynes answered

Just found this question lol. I think it should be legal, as long as they are all treated like human beings. Everyone should have the chance to be happy. And if this makes them happy, then what right do we have to take that away? Just my opinion haha.

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