I have to write a bill about an original idea but it cant interfere with state powers, the bill of rights and a Federal agency has to enforce this law. I'm having trouble on what to write about. Any ideas?


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Fascinating question and a couple of ideas come to mind, though they may not be suitable.

-- How about a bill to control administration of senior health and accommodation? There seem to be too many cowboys in the field. One of my friends was, until a few months ago, living in an aged facility in Des Moines. It was sold, closed down, and now she's camping in her car. She's 71 and winter's coming on.

-- While any bill relating to gun control would butt up against the Second Amendment, would it be possible to propose a bill defining the types of weapon people were permitted to carry? Might it also be possible to stipulate that they should be tested for a stable psychological profile?

-- In 1929 when it was proposed that Spanish be used as a second language in Texas schools, the then-governor, Ma Ferguson, stated that "If English was good enough for our lord Jesus Christ, it's good enough for Texas." Would it be possible to write a bill providing special schools where the children of immigrants might learn in their own language as well as English?

-- And following on from Ma Ferguson's comment, what about a bill requiring that candidates for gubernatorial office should not be accepted unless their IQ reaches double figures?

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@Walt: It's hard to formulate decent ideas for a bill when I'm not in the States. From the outside, those are some of the things that seem in need of attention, though I have no knowledge of what's happened in the past. #3 was a stretch but I wanted to give Ma Ferguson a mention. She was priceless.
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Don't worry, Didge ... seems many of our own (American) politicians have no idea what laws already exist. Some were just decrying how their legislation to require background checks before sales at gun shows was blocked - not realizing that's already a law.
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It'd be nice to hear from Mr Anonymous to see if this is any help to him. Or her.
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Who gave you the assignment?

If it was a teacher ... Ignore the first two stipulations.  There are plenty of federal agency rules that already do so.

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