Can you list the benefits of consulting with workers about health and safety issues?


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Danae Hitch answered

You should consult the workers because they're the ones in the trenches. They're the ones climbing the faulty ladders; breathing asbestos-tainted air; trying to walk around water all over the floor. They're the best voice that you could have in regards to what they feel they need to be safe on their job.

It's fine for management to sit in their air-conditioned offices, but when they need to know about certain health and safety issues in their company, they need to go to the people that are living this every day.

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Cody Deegan answered

If you are successful in consulting workers with health and safety issues, you can learn what they're worried about in terms of this matter as well as if the company is complying with the health and safety rules mandated by the law.

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