What do people do at honeymoons?


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Didge Doo answered

Back in the day it was a time to get used to the idea of living together as a couple. These days, when so many couples have been shacked up for a time before the wedding, it's just a great excuse for a holiday.

And, of course, there's usually a fair bit of bed time involved which may seem less experimental to a couple who have been, in practical terms, married for some time.

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Traditionally, it was a time to consummate their marriage. Its a great way to get away , travel somewhere and relax from all the stresses of getting married.

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John Boynton jb answered

If you are looking for ideas, I would suggest a trip to a place of common intrest, such as a national park or country.

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They will be just with their partner alone and have a lot to say and show their emotions and have a good break together ! It's kind of a romantic trip !

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