In light of the recent tragedy with nine people being shot and killed in a Charleston South Carolina church do we need even tougher gun laws?


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My problem with gun control laws is that criminals don't follow the law. That's why they're called criminals. All the gun control laws do is keep law abiding citizens from defending themselves. A gun is a tool. The fact that a guns sole design is to kill, is deflection from the true problem. What matters is the intent of the user and how they use that tool. Best of luck to you, my friend.

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Darling Divaa
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Why thank you. I like asking and hearing peoples opinions on different things but not to argue about it.... (:
Corey The Goofyhawk
I completely agree with you. In response to your other comment, I think we need to focus less on the tool and focus more on people. After all, what is life if you can't impact someon else's life in a positive way. That's why I joined this community. :)!
Darling Divaa
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That is exactly why i joined Blurtit as well and why i plan on staying here..... (:
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That's a really good question Darling. (that's so cool to say) I'm sure that you'll get answers going both ways on this. I've listened to arguments on both sides and can honestly say that I'm not sure what would be best for humanity.

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Charles Davis answered

I can understand what your talking about, but to be honest, gun deaths are very low in comparison to other reasons for death. Sadly, any death is a tragedy for someone, while those not effected pay little or  no attention. Car accidents (Unless it's a huge pile up), Alcohol, smoking ect have a much higher death rate then gun deaths. I also agree with Corey, that criminals will always seem to have access to firearms, and limiting law abiding citizens access will tip the scale in favour of the lawless.

On a personal note, I have never owned a gun, and never will, but I feel those that desire to have them should have the right, so long as they are law abiding citizens.

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I understand the liberal intent to use almost every tragedy for political gain, except those who lie about being black, but i think you can at least wait until we find out what mental derangement the guy suffered from. I think its dollars to donuts he is either a nut or a zealot.

I suggest we find a way to keep guns out of the hands of crazies & put them in the hands of trained sane people, so that when the crazies become criminals the sane ones can stop the attack. But that kind of sanity isn't politically correct.

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Those countries that have tight gun controls (as it is in most of Europe) have a tiny fraction of the gun-related murders that occur in the US.

I cannot prove a relation between the two. (Although it does seem to me that the more difficult it is to get a firearm, the less likely that an "amateur" killer will go on a rampage and kill innocents.)

If you have a farm, and need to clear it of vermin, or if you need to protect livestock you need a gun.

Otherwise, guns suck, bigtime.

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People who use guns for such purposes will find them no matter what the laws are. I am sure we will soon hear how the shooter exhibited some mental instability. There is no way to regulate mental issues, but there are family members who can stand up and do the right thing. I don't own a gun. I would like to. I had one when I lived alone. 

My husband has bouts of depression and I will not bring a gun into the house. I think if more people took the mental health of others into consideration when owning guns we would see less of these senseless acts. The whole Sandy Hook School shoting could have been avoided if the shooters mother had just faced what her son was going through.

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I'll go out on a limb here and say it's not a gun problem it's a people and government problem. This is becoming a 3rd world country if you haven't noticed. Morale is low prices are high jobs are few, anger and frustration are up, kindness is non existent, fairness and equality are gone while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Our welfare and healthcare are controlled by the rich, the lobbyists run the country and no one does a darn thing to change it after they lie and say they will. 

No one is thriving and few are surviving without giving up too much. Children are not being raised and parented and society is a disgrace. And government not of the people any more. God bless America! I love the country we used to be. Today... Not so much.

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