Can I suspend my social security monies at 67 and go back to work, then collect at the age of 69 or 70?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Best thing to do is to stay on Social Security and go ahead and work if you like. Just declare your earnings with S.S. And you'll be fine. As long as they know you are working and paying taxes, it's fine. Your monthly benefit will be reduced as per what you earn but it's best to just stay in the system rather than try to get back in later on. S.S. Will work with you on this. Call or go online and tell them and they'll arrange things for you.

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I hear if you work to age 70 you can get $100.00 more. I know a woman who is 80 years old, she can only work so many hours of a day in order to be eligible to keep her medicare. So there is many majors you need take to find out what you can / can't get best to talk with Social Security.

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