When Did Poaching Start?


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The terms poach or poaching usually refers to illegal hunting or fishing. It is said that the present illegal wild life trade is estimated at 10 billion US dollars. Presently plant poaching has been increasing extensively. A well known act of plant poaching is the removal of Ginseng which grows in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

During the middle ages, poaching was a type of hunting mainly done by the poor people, especially during the time when hunting was a dispensation set aside for landowners and the nobility. During the 16th century, murdering a deer was punishable offence.

The poor people normally killed much smaller animals like a rabbit. Authentic hunting necessitates weapons, substantial skill and a lot of free time, which the poor peasants basically did not have.
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Rich people wanted the starving  poor to stay away from "Mother Natures" animals they hunted a lot of the time for SPORT!

The rich and powerful coined the word, for they felt God like!

This same mentality Slaughtered millions of buffalo, and let them on the ground were they were shot!

And by doing this they starved the Indians, and then they slaughtered the Indians, too!

It makes me sick!

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