Can you show me a sample letter requesting a rental discount?


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Rental discount letters need to feature the following important elements
  1. Reference to the property you are renting
  2. Expiry date of your current contract
  3. Current agreed rental amount
  4. Proposed amount you can afford
  5. Reason you feel this proposal is necessary

Having rented properties for years myself, I can assure you that there needs to be a pretty darn good reason as to why you feel you should be given a rental discount. Remember, this is your landlord's livelihood we're talking about...

Perhaps if you're struggling financially and can tap into the landlord's sympathy - or if you genuinely feel you've been paying above the odds and the landlord would struggle to match your current rent with new tenants, then you might have a case!

When writing a rental discount request letter, I would always recommend using a formal and official-sounding tone.

Try to make your proposal sound as reasonable as possible, and perhaps find reasons why keeping you on as a tenant, even though you plan to pay less money, is benefical for the landlord.

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