What legal rights do I have living in my father's home? My father is in a nursing home and I have three brothers - one has power of attorney and keeps saying i don't have no rights or I can't do nothing and is threatening to kick me out. What should I do?


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Allynda Greeno answered

Your brother with power of attorney is right, if he say you can't live there you can't live there. If I were you I would get a lawyer, especially if you are doing the up keep on the home and payingthe bills on time, and can show that with reciepts.

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I'm afraid you have no rights in this matter.  Only the one that has power of attorney can act on behalf of your father IF your father can not act or speak for himself.  If you can, talk to your Dad about what should transpire in HIS house .. HE still has a say, if he is able.

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