Any advice on getting a divorce cheaply?


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In most states a person can do their own divorce. Check with your local court house. A quick trip to Haiti will get you a really cheap divorce...but the airfair will break you.

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Oh wow so you don't actually need a lawyer at all? Why do so many people use lawyers even when they separate amicably and don't want to make claims against each other?
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Yes, this is called a non-contested divorce. In most states you can pick up what is called a "do it yourself divorce packet" (some states do not allow you to do your own divorce) at your local court house and fill it out together if you choose to. Now they are not free. Some states charge any where from $150.00-$350.00 for the packet. If there are children, the cost is more. Some states/countys include the cost of the filing fee in the cost of the packet. When you purchase a "do it yourself divorce packet", be sure to ask what is included- such as children, property, and filing fees. Be sure that you sign and notorize everything so that it is legally binding. File them and then you wait any where from 60 days to 6 months (the waiting period depends on where you live). You will see a judge, answer a few questions and Whal-Lah! you're divorced.
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Youre best bet if you aren't sure what youre doing and don't want to get screwed, is to hire a Paralegal specializing in Divorces. They offer thgeir services for around 75 dollars or so and Paralegals do all the Lawyers footwork so youll actually be getting a Lawyer for a lot less and you wont get screwed. The Paralegals can help with your paperwork but not inside the Courtroom unfortunately but can help help coach you for that time. Paralegals can be found in the yellow pages and/or the local newspaper classifieds

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