What will happen to a 17 year old girl whose mum goes to jail, when they have no family members willing to help? Will the 17 year old be allowed to stay on her own? And you live in the UK.


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Well, quite honestly, it depends on where you're from. In the States, specifically Louisiana, once you are seventeen you are considered into the majority. So, you are no longer a minor. In some states, if you plan to be on your own at seventeen, an emancipation is required.

An emancipation is basically where the court decides that you have no parents or legal guardians who are in existence or fit to take responsibility for you. By jurisdiction, you will be permitted to conduct business without parental consent, as well as take care of yourself. Although, nothing will be handed to you on silver platter. You must work a job, pay bills, buy groceries, etc. So, do take all of that into consideration if you are considering requesting emancipation.


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