Who murderd wild Bill Hickok?


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Arun Bera answered
Jack McCall... For complete detail you can check out the given website www.historybuff.com
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I Think A Man Name Jack Mc Call At A Card Game Out West  Around When Lincoln Was Killed
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robert wiiliams answered
"Aces and Eights" ,a poker hand known as 'two pairs', is the hand Hickock was holding when McCall shot him in the back.
  Ever since, it's been called 'a dead man's hand'.
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Tony Newcastle answered
There is a good potted biography of the exploits of Wild Bill Hickok--a notoroius gunfighter-- at
www.spatarcus.schoolnet.co.uk He took part in one of the first recorded quick-fire duels on 21 July 1865,as a result of a quarrel over a card game. David Tutt, his opponent, fired first and missed. Hickok fired next, and shot Tutt through the heart.
Hickok killed quite a few guys before he finally got his comeuppance at the hands of Jack McCall in Deadwood, at another card game.

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