What Comes To Your Mind When I Say Terrorist?


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A person who wants to achieve their goal by physical abuse rather than sit down and discuss their problems and fears.
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One thing i have learned through living in northern ireland is that a terrorist is a devisive label . Governments use it to demonise people when it suits them. Most terrorists in my book are a symptom of governments greed and interference in other peoples countries. When a man throws a petrol bomb at an armour plated tank hes a terrorist. When a government allows its armies to drop 1000s of bombs from 1000s of feet on poor defenseless people its ok. In fact they are heroes and will probably get a medal for it.  The worst terrorism from my point of view is state terrorism. A good example is when the british recruited` and trained  loyalist killers to carry out murders and protected their identities. And in many cases were paid.  So when i hear the label terrorist , i am mindfull of the reasons people reach the stage when they feel so angry and disenfranchised that they are driven to such extremes. One mans terrorist is another mans hero.
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Blood, terror and fear
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However politically incorrect or insensitive or racist it may be,  I think of a dark skinned person with a beard and a look of hate on his face...just answering truthfully.
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Pamela Krueger
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Unfortunately many others have this same impression but we all need to realize it can be ANYONE, not just a dark skinned individual. The individual who flew into the IRS building in New Jersey was a "white" skinned individual. Unfortunately, it was dark skinned individuals who terrorized the United States of America on 9/11/2001 so many people picture all terrorists as dark skinned. Very sad.
Joan commented
You are so right, Desertkid. It is as I said..I was just answering from my perspective. But we must be watchful of everyone in every place. It is also true that most of the terrorists that we know about and actually have pictures of and have positively identified as terrorist are, in fact, dark skinned individuals. This causes me and others to associate terror and the dark skinned ones....
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I person full of personal greed. Someone who brainwashes innocent minds to do the world's most heinous crimes, brutal killer, extortionist, rapist, drug lord, gun wielding person etc.
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A very psychotic individual who is consumed with hate and vengence and will do anything do destroy and kill.
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Black-minded men.
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A person who goes around terrorizing people, with a huge monster in the background breathing fire and citizens running around screaming... In other words it reminds me of a scene from the Powerpuff Girls. :P XxXx, Eg
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Killing people of another country with damages like Pakistani Terrorists who attacked Mumbai,India,Asia in which one is caught,I think his name is Kasab.The others were killed.
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It's possible.I didn't say everyone in Pakistan.By the way are you a Pakistani.
hafsa riaz
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Yeah!!i em....terrorists hv no religion nd no nnationality!!!!
S. AKASH. commented
I think you omly marked me thumbs down.no,they have nationality and religion.

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