Should The Police Engage In High Speed Car Chases With Criminals?


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NO, not unless perhaps the actor is a serial killer and may kill again if they don't apprehend him. They cause more car accidents, wrecks, injuries and deaths than you would imagine. Once that cop gets his adrenaline pumping and gets permission from dispatch to pursue, there's no stopping them.
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William Harkin
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I think you have it spot on Jackyl
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Your right about those cops & their adrenaline. I've known so many who've become such arrogant people, that I'm ashamed I knew them, when. Just hope if they're the ones in the chase, that they catch the Bastard, w/o hurting anybody else in the pursuit.
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Not according to their own statements. They have helicopters,and spike strips and even on star they could actually use to stop a vehicle or track it to where the vehicle is taken.
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Oh! For socrates63 if you ever watched the old macgyver show on his old 55 chevy wagon he had a lojack mounted under the sheetmetal so the criminals could not simply unplug it or cut the wires(power to it).this was over 18 years you mite be surprised at the vehicles that now have a locator in them even though you didn't pay for it.hahahahahahaha.
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Oh i forgot to mention they are working on a knight rider type device to actually zap a cars electrical system to disable it from taking off into traffic like the freeway.
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Midnite star commented I messed up about the spike strips...Sorry 'bout that.. I agree that we may all have a secretly implanted tracking device in our cars, even tho we may have older model cars. YES...I watched Mac Giver too!!
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When they are trained well enough & use sound judgement it is necessary sometimes but there will also be times that judgement should kick in & tell them that the risk to the innocent is much greater than waiting for another opportunity to apprehend the criminal. Good question by the way.
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No there are too many deaths and maimings of innocent people
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Depends on where they are. Not in the middle of a big city, but it would be alright out in the middle of nowhere with little to no traffic or innocent bystanders
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In a large city near me,  the beat cop must get approval from the department cop before he can pursue (easily done via police radio).  That takes emotion out of the decision making process.  If the beat cop wants to pursue a guy that ran off after pumping gas, the department cop will not allow it.  If, on the other hand, he has just robbed a bank and shot someone, permission would be given.  Each individual case is evaluated using the degree of criminal activity and the risk to the public (location).  Some chases have been called off when they came too close to a school or playground.  The decision should be made on the risk factor to the public and the degree of "wrongness".  This procedure was initiated after a particularly bad crash that involved a mother and her children.
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Depends.. If I Was A Cop I Would NOT Engage In A High Speed Chase With Someone Who Had A Busted Tail Light.. But A Child Molester Or Wife Beater Probably.. But These Type Of Sociopaths Race Through School Yards Or Across Lawns To Try  Hit Innocent People Or Dare Cops To Follow.... I Always Watch "Cops" These Lunatics Drive Into Oncoming Traffic Going 110 Miles An Hour.. It's Lunacy.. They're High On PCP Or Cocaine They Don't Care Who They Kill.... If Maniac Is Heading For A School Yard Probably No. A Cop Could Get Killed Going 110 Like The Nut job And Wipe Out 50 People Too. They Should At Least Call The Name In First. . Have To Call For Backup If The Suspect Has Just Killed Wife Or Something Like State Trooper Because That Maniac Will Not Stop.. No Matter What Or Who Is In Their Way.. If He's Got A Hostage; You Put Hostage In Danger By Antagonizing Fleeing Felon .. And He Really Snaps And Risks Drivers.. Hostage... Pedestrians..If He's Armed That's A Racing Nightmare.. "World's Wildest Police Videos" Has Some Unreal Stuff On TV. The Depth Of Depravity Is Astonishing .
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I suppose they should but not for someone who is not worth risking others lives to try and catch. Case in point in the 1980s there was a serial rapist who had terrorized the greater Charleston area of South Carolina for almost a year raping several and I mean several women. I forget the number but it was huge. The police finally got a lead and the suspect ran. It ended up being around a one hundred mile chase all over the Charleston area. It ended when a trooper rammed his car into the median of Interstate 26 causing the suspects car to hit a tree which ended up  crippling the suspect. In this case it was worth the risk. They should use common sense and not try to be superman if it means risking innocent lives unless it is a serial rapist or something like that .
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I think it depends on the situation. If the fuzz is chasing someone for a minor traffic violation I think that is just stupid. Now on the other hand if they are after someone who is armed and dangerous, or pretty much any life threatening reason then I do think they should pursue. A small traffic violation is no reason to put others in danger and that is exactly what happens with these high speed chases.
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No, I think all cars should be required to have a shut off device that police can access.
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I want tot give you a thumbs up and a thumbs down but i can't.
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Do U mean U don't object to having a tracking device put secretly in your car ? Or are U saying U would like a shut off device, that police can access ?
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While I would have no objection to a tracking device, what I mean is a shut off device which the police can access.
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I don't think so.  I am always wondering why they don't call ahead and have someone  head them off at the other end.
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I don't like the idea of endangering other drivers on the road while doing this. It would scare the bajeebers outta me if I were driving on that road, n' they flew past me. U know of a better way to catch 'em ?
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They're working on it Midnite.
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There should be a better way by now, with all the technology we have. Too bad they can't put tracking devices in every single car, as part of the inspection process, that would alert the police as to where they land. Then we could have a cop there waiting for them when they run out of gas. Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to do that, and a lot of us would object to having a tracking device in our car, anyway.
Wouldn't we ?

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