Could The Big Tobacco Companies Be Anti American Terrorists?


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Don't let your imagination run away with you. Tobacco was grown on American soil by Indians before Europeans ever landed here. It has been a staple crop for centuries, and it was big business long before we began to think about terrorism. Tobacco is big business. Why would it ever relinquish their profits to aliens (not from outer space)?
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Tobacco contains the highly addictive ingredient nicotine they have taken this product and enhanced it and then raise the prices and tax the hell out of it so that the very people who are addicted to it and buy it are stuck in a viscous circle that ends up either killing them or causing great harm to their health, there has been a long period of time since the Indians started using tobacco and enough time to realize that the usage of tobacco and the by products they put in are harming us so why don’t they stop ? Money? Or do what is moral or right so instead of helping Americans they continue to sell their death to us.
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None of that makes them terrorists. BTW, big tobacco doesn't benefit from the taxes, the government gets that. If anything, tobacco is in collusion with the government.
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Um, ok that is a little bit nuts but who knows they could be. But also they do have tobacco in other places too.
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We do not see it because it is it not around us kids. Some people are crazy these days

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