Discovercard Just Sent Me An INTENT TO SUE Letter. What Should I Do If I Don't Have A Job?


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Mary Bergeron answered
First of all the amount of money you are sending is fine. They can't sue you for sending the amount you are sending and they can't refuse payment. Next time get a tape recorder and record you'r conversation with them. If they do bring you to court the judge will hear how the treat you for there money and they will also here that they r refusing the amount you can pay. The judge will make them work with you
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dale mulkey answered
Tell them otherwise  it sounds like a trick I have never heard of a credit card sending a letter like this usually they just place it on your credit report as a bad credit
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You need to never talk on the phone with a collector, never

Send them a Debt Validation Letter stating to Cease and Desist from contact you as well.

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